Mediated Public Diplomacy in a New Era of Warfare.


Tamir Sheafer and Shaul R. Shenhav. 2009. “Mediated Public Diplomacy in a New Era of Warfare.” Communication Review, 12, Pp. 272. Publisher's Version


The new era of warfare is characterized by the increased visibility of war. The changing strategic, social and cultural environment has forced governments and armies to modify their strategies. Public diplomacy is one strategic policymaking response to this changing environment. This article reviews current research in this field, focusing on mediated public diplomacy, which is a central part of public diplomacy that has not been greatly researched. We discuss the central role played by cultural resonance in mediated public diplomacy, elaborating on immanent tensions between the centrality of cultural resonance and the needs of public, and mediated public diplomacy. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]